Mike grew up on a homestead in Alaska. To those not familiar with what this means, he grew up where he took a sled dog team several miles to a road to catch the bus “into town” to go to school. His family truly lived off the land. As young as 10, he and a friend would walk several miles to go check on horses that were summered over in a grazing pasture. Mike might be gone for several days. His dad didn’t worry about them, “He will come home when he is hungry.” During this time, Mike began his life long love of being in Nature.

His love of being outdoors and Nature grew even more when as a 23 year old, he learned to fly. Flying in Alaska is a very different type of flying than the “Lower 48”. You land on glaciers, gravel bars, tundra & fields, water & snow…and then you get out of the plane in a place a human being may have never previously been.

Mike was Chellie’s first client. Old back injuries (6 surgeries!) made him the perfect person to practice on. While he was skeptical at first, he soon grew to appreciate the gift of Reiki. After Chellie became a Reiki Master, Mike was her first student for each level of Reiki training.

So the truth of the matter is that men need Reiki as much as women. Sometimes, even more. They lead stressful lives and the relief that Reiki provides is often enormous. Many men will come to a Reiki session, because their wife or sister or some other female in their life drags them in to see us. But, after they come one time, men come back as often as women. If a client comes in to see Mike, they leave relaxed and refreshed, feeling better, so don’t wait for someone to drag you, call and schedule an appointment today.